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Painting by Sarah McBeath


Frigate bird

Our June 2006 Southeastern Polynesia voyage (including Pitcairn Islands)
was a great success - download Chris's report.

Dates: 7 - 23 September 2008
Duration: 15 days
Price per person : (ex Mangareva (Gambier Islands)/Mangareva) TBA
Flight from Papeete (Tahiti) to Mangareva return: (tickets can be booked through our NZ travel agent United Travel Orewa

Tour in summary:
Day 1
Fly to Mangareva on Air Tahiti leaving 5.50AM on Tuesday 6 June morning (once a week flight only). Flight arrives 11.35AM. Depart Mangareva soon after boarding.
Day 2/3 Voyage to Pitcairn
Day 4 On Pitcairn during day (for formalities, sightseeing and birding), then depart for Henderson,
Day 5 Arrive Henderson
Day 6 Henderson
Day 7 Voyage to Oeno
Day 8 Oeno
Day 9/10/11 Voyage northwest towards the Tuamotu Group
Day 12 At sea
Day 13 Voyage back to Gambier
Day 14 Visit small uninhabited islands in the Gambier lagoon.
Day 15 Return to Mangareva. Fly Mangareva to Tahiti leaving 12.05PM, arriving Tahiti 1PM

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for checklist, intinerary and boat info.

Henderson Island Fruit Dove

Tahiti Petrel
Photo: Chris Collins

Masked booby
People on beach
People on boat


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